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Meijer Lab

Our lab investigates development of the central nervous system. We integrate structural biology, biophysics, and cell biology to resolve the molecular mechanisms underlying synapse assembly.

Key publications

EMBO Journal

Teneurin4 dimer structures reveal a calcium-stabilised compact conformation supporting homomeric trans-interactions

Meijer, Frias, Beugelink, Deurloo, Janssen

Nature Communications (2018)

Structures of Teneurin adhesion receptors reveal an ancient fold for cell-cell interaction

Jackson & Meijer, Carrasquero, van Bezouwen, Lowe, Kleanthous, Janssen, Seiradake

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Paper accepted in EMBO

Our paper just got accepted in EMBO J. Many thanks to the Janssen lab at Utrecht University for a great [...]

January 31, 2022|
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