We enjoy reaching out to the public via (local) media. We give lectures to high school students, introduction to movies and sometimes collaborate with artists.

Delftse Post, 22 jul 2021

Local newspaper coverage of our network neuroscience project

Artist in Residence

Visual artist John Walter is Kavli Artist in Residence 2020

TU Delft stories

TU Delft story about Dimphna: “A future neuroscientist is also an engineer”

De physicus, jul 2020

Short essay by Dimphna for the Delft Physics Student Association (VvTP) on brain development

Labvision, 1 jun 2021

A short case study on our research on the crossroads of biology, physics and chemistry

mRNA, dec 2019

Interview with Dimphna in mRNA about our Quantitative Neurobiology lab

SURF magazine

Cool tools: understanding cellular communication

An interview with Dimphna and Bert about how we use the Dutch Supercomputer Cartesius for our research